My name is Breanna Word and I am a graduate from Texas State University with a degree in Digital Media Innovation and Mass Communication with a minor in Business Administration.

I have always been involved in communications and the media but never really connected it or thought I could make what seemed like a hobby, my career. After holding multiple positions throughout my high school career that were geared toward communications, including being Editor-in-Chief of my high school’s yearbook, it became evident to me that this was something in which I held a serious interest.

At Texas State University, I had a different focus within the Mass Communication school until Spring 2018. That’s when I took a class that involved coding. After learning very basic coding I realized that it was just like learning another language… and one where I didn’t have to struggle with proper pronounciation. Being able to see instant results was extremely rewarding to me and inspired me to switch my focus to Digital Media Innovation so that I could spend more time learning coding and other related subjects.